What types of jobs do Engineers do?

Computer Software Engineers

Computer software engineering deals with the digital technology within computer systems. It uses many different programming languages to code programs to run operating systems, apps, and much more. The main goal is to design, develope, and maintain computer software.

Even with a software engineering degree, a person still has to know a fair amount about the hardware aspect of computers. Luckily, this knowledge can be gained while in the computer engineering program at Pitt. This the professional far ahead of computer science majors that only focus on the software aspect.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineering has to do with the physical, electrical components that enable the computer to send the eletrical signals inside the machine to tells other components what to do and carry out the coded software. The overall goal is to do research, development, and testing on all different sorts of computer hardware and equipment.

Like software engineers with hardware knowledge, hardware engineers must have some understanding of the software side of the computer engineering discipline. They learn this in their path to getting their degree as well. Having knowledge on both topics is good because it allows a person to keep their options open and to know, at least partially, how to troubleshoot problems that may occur involving the opposite side of computers.