Hobbies and Interests

Things I Like to Do

  1. Play Dek Hockey
  2. Sleep
  3. Be Active
  4. Play Video Games
  5. Meet New People
  6. Code HTML

Why I Love College

Lots of New Faces

There is no shortage of students at Pitt. I find it incredible how so many people of just about the same age can all be in one place at the same time. Everyone that I have come into contact on campus has been very friendly and I have enjoyed meeting new people so far.

More Independence

Being free to do whatever I want is great but it also comes with the fact that I have to take charge of my own life and start making decisions that help me reach my goals. The choice of what to do is something that was rarely available in high school, but it does not come now without consequences.

Tons of Things to Do

There are so many clubs, groups, and activities to do at Pitt. Anything that I could want to do is here and all I would have to do is find it and sign up. There never has to be a dull moment. The possibilities are endless and being involved helps in meeting new people and finding interests outside my comfort zone.

Free Stuff

Since I first came to Pitt, I have gotten a large amount of free things that are specifically for college kids operating on a limited budget. I now have so many t-shirts from various events. In addition, I have a bunch of Pitt drawstring bags and other paraphernalia given out by generous organizations. And I cannot forget about the free drinks outside William Pitt Union on Mondays!

Interesting Coursework

Finally, I get to decide what classes I want to take. Up until this point, I have not been able to enroll in classes that I that were interesting because high school curriculum is almost completely laid out for the student. Once I got to college, however, I had more options to choose different classes.

Campus Feel

The Pitt campus is very inviting to me. I have lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, but rarely went into Oakland before I started college at Pitt. The urban feel is nice and it is balanced well with the nature that exists in certain parts of the campus. Overall, I really like the larger size of Pitt, but I also enjoy the fact that everything is reasonably close.

Jobs I Would Like to Do When I Grow Up

Things I Have Learned About College

  1. I thought college would be difficult. It is.
  2. I thought commuting to and from Pitt would be annoying. It's not too bad.
  3. Without a doubt, college is the greatest setting one can be in to meet new people.