What types of companies hire Engineers?

  1. Google     

    Google is a well-known global company that has made many strides in the technology field since its conception in 1998. From an internet search engine to designing an autonomous vehicle, Google has basically done it all. Here are just some of the many innovations the company has produced:

    • Google.com (Search Engine)
    • Productivity Tools and Apps
    • Enterprise Products
    • Google Fiber
    • Android OS
    • Google Chrome Browser
    • Google Wallet
    • Chromecast
    • Mobile Devices
    • Google Self-Driving Car (Google Chauffeur)

    With all the incredible products and services Google has to offer, it is no wonder that they require a staff full of computer engineers. Almost every project they work on relies heavily on coding new, specific software to accomplish whatever task they are working on. Here are some of the different types of engineers that Google hires, along with their average salaries:

    • Software Engineer-$125,358
    • Hardware Engineer-$125,981
    • Network Engineer-$113,841
    • Test Engineer-$108,689
    • Systems Engineer-$107,838
    • Product Engineer-$106,566

  2. Apple     

    Apple is also a well-known global company that is one of Google's largest competitors. Founded in 1976, Apple has been around since the dawn of the computing age and has been able to stay on the cutting edge of technology for almost four decades now. Throughout the company's life span it has produced many great products. Here are a handful of them:

    • Mac Computers
    • iPad
    • iPod
    • iPhone
    • Apple TV
    • Apple Watch
    • OS X
    • iTunes

    Apple is in need of the best when it comes to engineers as well. They have many different positions that need to be filled with all sorts of engineers. Every new product has to be carefully crafted and tested in order to keep up their reputation as one of the best consumer electronics companies in the world. Here are some of the different types of engineers that Apple has on staff, along with the average salary at each position:

    • Software Engineer-$119,295
    • Hardware Engineer-$118,739
    • Network Engineer-$115,865
    • Test Engineer-$113,916
    • Systems Engineer-$104,231
    • Product Engineer-$125,983